Attention VETS: We’ll Meet You Half-Way

Every time I interact with and serve job-seeking veterans on various sites, I am reminded of the critical nature of the bubble2boardroom initiative. Most recently, I was encouraged to bring bubble2boardroom to the D.C. area to serve the increasing number of veterans in that area.
The truth is, while we’ve committed to a 200% increase in bubble2boardroom events in 2012, I’m not sure we’ll be able to add another location — at least not until the second half of the year.  But, for some, that’s too long to wait.
So, I’ve made an unreasonable promise.  New York City is a quick train ride from D.C.
Should any vet make the trek to bubble2boardroom, all they have to do is present their ticket  to any member of my team, who will be able to reimburse them — in cash —  for HALF of their train ticket price. Just register, and then send us an email directly letting us know to expect you.  (
That’s sort of like meeting you half-way, right?  I can’t wait to see you there.

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bubble2boardroom 2011
bubble2boardroom 2011

Message From the Founder

quoteI created bubble2boardroom to prepare our newest generation of workers to assume the mantle of leadership in the 21st Century.

While they were safely ensconced in the college "bubble" and our heroes were serving our country, the rules changed and the newly imagined business world can’t wait for them to catch up.

bubble2boardroom accelerates their skill acquisition and positions them for success. quote

Dani Ticktin Koplik
President, dtkResources